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TitleSolar Eclipse Events at the Otto Labyrinth Park
Place nameOtto Labyrinth Park
Date start21.08.2017 10:00 (3 Days Ago)
Date end21.08.2017 17:00 (3 Days Ago)

Events will begin at 10 am with an Eclipse Preparation Program.   Participants will receive their Eclipse packets, including eclipse glasses, information sheets and Personal Eclipse Diaries. We will explore the meaning and the experience of a Still Point in preparation for the Eclipse. The Still Point is our Vibrational re-set point which nourishes the physical body and activates the subtle body. The Solar Eclipse acts as a Planetary Still Point - allowing us to re-set our Path. In the morning we will use journaling and other meditation experiences to identify that which is no longer needed in our lives. With correct preparation, during the eclipse totality we can experience the Still Point to change our vibrations and re-set our lives.

11:30 to 1 pm is a Pot Luck Lunch. Bring a dish and socialize! Water and tea provided.

1:30 – 3 pm is Eclipse viewing. The partial phase of the eclipse begins at 1:06 pm at the Labyrinth Park. During this time participants may explore the Faerie Forest, relax by the stream, or even take a nap on a Far Infrared Biomat! As the time gets closer to the totality, we will begin our Group Labyrinth Walk, timing our steps to be in the center in stillness at 2:35 pm.

3-5 pm As daylight returns, Guided Journaling allows participants to identify and record their unique experiences and determine their future paths. All is re-set for a new life, a new world!

Note: This event is limited to 50 participants and requires pre-registration. First come, First served.

Suggested non-refundable registration donation is $25.00 adults, $10.00 children under 12. Register on-line at Mountain Valley Center Eclipse Page.

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